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Mission With The Children
Kibera, Nairobi
Interior Uganda
Obstacles For Souls
Compassion For Souls
Crusades In The Markets
Kwa Njenga, Nairobi
Spiritual Family
Overseeing From The Bush
Persevering Challenges
Munyaka Crusade
Long Road To Maralal
Murumba, Kenya
Gatero Crusade
Kamkunji Market Crusade
The Life of a Missionary
Rangwe Mission
Crusades For Souls
Osieko-Lake Victoria Mission
Kakamega Young Adults Conference
Heart For The Generation To Come
Sons In The Faith- Siaya & Osieko
Huruma Pilot Crusade
Co-Laboring In The Harvest
Souls Crying Out- Rangwe
Church Building Projects-Butula
See Our New Church!
35 Years of Ministry Together
Friends Forever
Paty The Armourbearer-Missions
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